Our Farmers

Our Farmers

IMG_6925_webThis is a small list of the farmers that keep Steamed
stocked with fresh organic ingredients!

Tamai Farms in Oxnard: 2nd generation family run farm, grows our tomatoes, persian cucumbers, beets and on occasion basil.

ABC Rhubarb in Riverside: 2nd generation family farm, grows basil, greens and baby spinach.

Gama Farms in Bakersfield: 1st generation family owned and operated farm, grows our red onion, garlic, potatoes, baby spinach and greens.  www.gamafarms.com

Mudcreek Ranch in Santa Paula: 1st generation family owned and operated farm grows our avocados and citrus.

AG Olives: Olives & Olive Oil

Jeff Erb Honey: Bees naturally gathering honey from local, poppies, lupin and other wild flowers.